Tuesday Night Steel 08-17-2010

Tuesday Night Steel 08-17-2010

I had a fairly good match tonight, only a couple of jams. I did get a chunk of lead in the elbow on Stage 2. That kinda hurt. Oh well, part of the game.

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The ATF is unbelievable

STUPID STAMPThe ATF’s current deputy director, Kenneth E. Melson, has issued a new “interpretation” of the 40+ year old Gun Control Act of 1968. He has reversed the clause that considered transfers of firearms to publications, magazine and the like, and other businesses. They will now be considered the same as a retail sale, requiring a From 4473 and a NICS check as if it were an actual sale. All firearms must be shipped to an FFL holder. This is a an asinine ruling. It will do nothing to prevent crime and will only increase he difficulty, and cost, of such publications acquiring firearms.

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Tuesday Night Steel 08-10-2010

Tuesday Night Steel 08-10-2010

I shot pretty well tonight. I shot my older Mil-SpecĀ Springfield Armory 1991A1 instead of the Colt 1991A1 Series 80 that I have been shooting. It seemed to handle the short bullets, 185 grain, that I’m using. I did still have a few feed issues on the last couple of stages though so I will probably switch back to plain old 230 FMJ bullets.

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Found a new delicious desert today

My wife and I went to Paletas Betty in downtown Chandler today. Paletas are Mexican frozen treats that usually have fruit or something else sweet in them. However, they can have anything and everything, including spices such as chili powder. My wife got the Mora, which is blackberry and lavender, and I got the Pure Mango. They are delicious.

Paletas Betty front doors

Paletas Betty in Chandler, AZ

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