APC Battery Backup

So, my main APC UPS started giving me warning beeps last night. It shows that the battery is failing. Crap, I thought, I hope this thing doesn’t shut down. This is the UPS I have my recovery machine hooked up to. This has currently been working on a hard drive for 332+ hours. I don’t want to start this over.

I look up the receipt in my records and find that I bought it on 02-27-2008 at Circuit City. Circuit City no longer exists, that’s bad #1. I look up the unit on APC’s website and find that their standard warranty is only 2 years, bad #2. I remember though, that I bought this unit specifically because it had a 3 or 5 year warranty. I call APC and give them the model and purchase date and it does, indeed, have a 3 year warranty. I have 3 days left on it.

APC is sending me a new battery under warranty and I don’t even have to return the old one for the RMA. They just ask that I dispose of it responsibly. Not a problem, I told them, I have a local recycling place for electronics.

It’s a sad thing that a company doing the right thing is something to celebrate but, nonetheless, I’m happy.

So, THANK YOU, APC, for standing behind your product and honoring the warranty no questions asked.

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