Mercy Gilbert, Round 2

For today’s little rant I give you unwanted mail. I got a letter today from the East Valley division of Catholic Healthcare West, the parent organization of Mercy Gilbert Hospital, where I was recently admitted and treated.

I called them to ask where they got my information, since it mentioned in the letter my recent treatment. It was confirmed that they got my name and address from the hospital. They assured me this didn’t violate HIPAA laws since they got no medical information, only names and addresses. Ok, fine.

The only problem with this is they also mentioned, during their explanation, that they only request “demographic information” from the hospital. I’m sorry, but demographic information doesn’t include names or specific addresses only general information about patient ethnicity, age and location, etc. They said they could put me on THEIR do not mail list which I did.

My problem with this situation is this. Whether or not you are violating HIPAA laws is secondary to giving out MY information without my permission and requiring me to opt OUT of such things. You shouldn’t put me on lists without asking me first.

Shame on you, Mercy Gilbert.

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