Sprouts Customer Service

In welcomed change from my last few posts, here is a praise for Sprouts Farmers Market, although it started off in much the same way. We bought a beef roast for Thanksgiving this year, a nice “Presidential” cut. We opened it on Thanksgiving morning and it was spoiled. It had a sell by date if 11-24 and this was the 25th, not good.

So we made do with a pork roast from a few days before. The day after Thanksgiving is where Sprouts showed what they’re made of. I took the roast in and explained the situation. They said to go get the other things I needed to pick up and get a refund for the roast and they would bring a new one up. I got the other things and went to check out. The girl that helped me came back and said they were just going to GIVE me the new cut after I got a refund.

“Awesome!” I thought. But that’s not the end of this story. When he did bring out the new roast it was twice the size as the one I returned.

Sprouts, you have made this customer VERY happy and it will not be forgotten.

Thank you for being a stand up company.

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