Cox’s new on screen guide

This is the message I sent to cox regarding the “upgrade” to their guide they just pushed out.

I don’t know who you had design the new guide but it is very poorly implemented.

Yes, the new guide is much more responsive than the old one. That is the ONLY improvement. You have made every single display portion of the guide smaller on screen.

The banner at the bottom of the screen that displays what the A, B & C buttons do is tremendously over sized. It doesn’t need to be any taller than the letters. The channel listing on the left is also way to wide, cutting down on display space usable for the actual primary purpose of the guide, displaying channel information.

Likewise, the on screen Info bar has also been reduced in size contrary to its purpose. It doesn’t need to be floating off the bottom of the screen. It should be 1/2 of a lower 1/3rd or smaller on the first press and then a lower 1/3rd on the second press.
And the final problem, which should have been addressed with this update. The guide formats to 4:3 instead of 16:9 on widescreen TVs. The cable boxes have a setting for what format TV they are hooked up to. There is no reason to not use this to format the guide.

Please roll out a revision to address these issues. The update is not currently an upgrade in my opinion.


That pretty much sums it up. How can a cable company screw up something so basic?
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