@Sprint Customer Service

We got a mailing from Sprint today offering Palm Pixi phones for sale.

First, REALLY? You’re advertising a dying company to get people to use your services? Good job, marketing.

I just decided to call the number to get my wife’s name and our address taken off of their mailing list. I’ve never had service with any Sprint company. Hell, we’ve never even contacted Sprint. I call the number and get a representative on the phone. I have to repeat my request three times because she says she can’t hardly hear me. Wow, a phone company who’s phone system doesn’t work correctly. They say they need to transfer me to “Customer Care” to get this taken care of. Fine, but why was i not connected to a customer service department to begin with? That’s where you put all generic calls that come in, people.

I am transferred and have to repeat my request, twice again, and am then told that they can’t do that and I’ll have to call another number. I asked to just be transferred and am told that they can’t do that either. The guy is arguing with me and refusing to transfer my call. I am forced to hang up on him and hit redial. This time I say what I want, am put on hold for about a minute, and the request is fulfilled. What the hell?! Why was this so hard the first time?

Sprint is supposed to have some of the best customer service in the industry but my experience was not even close to that. In fact, it was one of the worst customer service experiences I’ve ever had.

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